Tz’utujil: Saqari

En San Juan La Laguna, se dice saqari para buenos días (tz’utujil). En San Pablo La Laguna, se dice saqara (tz’utujil). En Santa Clara La Laguna, se dice saqarik (k’iche’).

In San Juan La Laguna, they say saqari for good morning (Tz’utujil). In San Pablo La Laguna, they say saqara (Tz’utujil). In Santa Clara La Laguna, they say saqarik (K’iche’).

Kaqchikel: Alberta (Part 2) advocating for the continued use of Kaqchikel

En la segunda parte, Alberta Gonzales sigue hablando a la multitud de 20 personas más o menos que vinieron a escucharla. Pide a los padres que enseñen el kaqchikel a sus hijos para que el idioma no se pierda. Aqui está la primera parte de la grabación.

In this second segment, Alberta Gonzales keeps talking to the crowd of about 20 people who gathered to hear her speak. She asks parents to teach Kaqchikel to their children so that the language isn’t lost. Here is the link to the first segment of the recording.

Tz’utujil: Orale chaq’

Orale chaq’ = See you later man (literally, pray to Him little brother)

Esta publicación es para los Sanjuaneros de San Juan La Laguna. Para muchos jovenes (varones más de todo) es una forma de despedirse. La expresión es una mezcla de español y tz’utujil. La foto es de una calle de San Juan La Laguna.

This post is for the San Juaneros of San Juan La Laguna. For many young people (especially boys) it’s a way of saying goodbye. The expression is a mix of Spanish and Tz’utujil. The photo is of a street in San Juan La Laguna.

Tz’utujil: Chaq’

This word chaq’ means little brother of a male and little sister of a female. It’s the same word in Tz’utujil and Kaqchikel. However, in Tz’utujil it has another meaning which is man or dude. In San Juan La Laguna, you’ll hear a lot of guys saying goodbye to one another by saying Orale chaq’ (literally, pray to him little brother) which is a mix of Spanish and Tz’utujil.

San Juan Cotzal Rooftops

A preview of the next 2 weeks

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Photo is of San Juan Cotzal, Guatemala. Languages spoken: Ixil, Spanish